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dsc02821.jpg  Hillary Clinton was in town on Saturday to, basically, show a presence here and to impress the super delegates in the state of Indiana.. I enjoyed her talk because she actually explained many things that I wasn’t sure about.. like why the fact that the United States being in debt to just about every country including China and Mexico affects more than just our economy, but also the security of the world.  She explained that in 1996, China was becoming very aggressive with Taiwan, so Bill Clinton called in the 6th fleet to flex some muscle.  China backed off and things went back to the status quote.  Well, now, if China wanted to do that, we really wouldn’t have leg to stand on because we owe China so much money, that they’d just threaten to stop buying our debt. 
Anyway, she also talked about how student loans should go back to being federal instead of private companies like Sallie Mae. I don’t know about you, but the highest interest rate I ever had on my Federal student loans was 8% the lowest was like 2%.  Yesterday she took a show of hands asking the highest rate people were paying, and 1 person was paying 22%.  Clinton said in Muncie, the night before, they went as high as 29%.  She said it is a controversial topic, but one that needs to be dealt with. 
Of course she talked about the standards health care and NAFTA, but what I liked about the town hall meeting was that she EXPLAINED how she would do many of the things that others have just said they would do.. she gave details, which is what I have been asking for all along.  For a while I have been torn between the 2 Democratic candidates, but after being able to hear them both in person, I feel like I have my candidate.  Although, I know there are issues with what appears to be infighting within the Democratic party, isn’t having a choice what America is all about?  Isn’t a spirited debate in the name of moving an entire people forward what this country was built on in the first place? Though I know that people are skeptical that, if nominated, Hillary Clinton can beat John McCain, wasn’t there a story in this book called the Bible about a guy named David and another named Goliath??  Not that I think in anyway that Hillary is like David, but it’s more about defying the odds.  And Clinton made sure that anyone at the rally yesterday knew she wasn’t a quitter. 
After her town hall meeting, we were allowed  4 minutes in which to ask her, one on one, questions.  She was very gracious with her time, and before the reporter I was with finished her questions, I got out my camera in hopes that the opportunity would present itself to get a picture with the Senator.  So, I am holding my camera in my left hand to possibly get a picture, while finishing shooting the interview with my work video camera in my right hand, and as the interview was wrapping up the “people” were ready to whisk her off to the next interview and I feared the chance would not appear, and right as i thought it wasn’t going to happen, Senator Clinton stopped and said “Do they want a picture?” I was floored, but was able to say “Yes.. please”.  So, this is that picture.. It was totally great..She was so kind… Cheryl, the reporter I was with, said that it probably wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t had my camera out looking so pathetic?? ( I added the pathetic, but I must have been). 
Spending that 4 minutes with her was an eye opener for me.. I urge everyone to find their “4 minutes”  whatever way they can to get to know all of the candidates and what they really stand for.  In the end, it is our freedom to educate ourselves and to choose that makes this country so great.

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29 and holding…

blowing-candles.jpg                      katye-and-cake.jpg                       cake.jpg

Today was Katye’s 29th birthday.  I think it was a pretty good day for her considering everything that has been going on.  I bought this cake for her, and we did the whole candle thing tonight.  I hope she had a good day.

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I am so sad today.  My sister who has had our family dog with her since the passing of my Mom, and my Dad’s remarriage in 1999, called me this weekend to tell me that Gus was sick and at the vets office.  Well, to know Gus is to know that he likes to eat his own poop.  So, earlier this year, we had a little scare with him and, at the time they thought it may have been due to that little habit.  The vet and my sister brought him back from the brink of death, then.

Well, last night my sister called to tell me that they did an ultrasound on him and they found liver cancer.  My sister let the vet give him a chemo shot in hopes that it would last a few weeks, and then let him go.  They brought him home and got him some hamburger so he could eat like a king, and let him be comfortable. 

Well, my sister called this a.m. to tell me that he couldn’t even keep his meds down that were suppose to make him feel better, so they are taking him to the vet to have him put to sleep this afternoon.

It is just sad, because my mom, sister and I got Gus for my Dad for his birthday, which is on August 3rd in like 1992.  That is why his name is Gus, short for August.  He is kind of the last link that we all have with my mom, too. 

I made this little video of him and I remember taking almost all of these pictures.  There are some from the day we brought him home and my friend Lori and I drove him all over the town of Lincoln, showing him off. 

Some others are of his first bath in the sink, and him wrapped in a towel with my mom.  He was just a great dog.

For the past several years, he has lived with my sister and she used to take him everywhere.  When she worked for the radio station she wrapped him in a scarf and blinking lights and walked with  him in a Christmas parade.  Everyone wanted to pet him and hug on him.. He affected everyone he met and we sure are gonna miss him.

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Katye had her Psi Chi induction ceremony tonight.  I was multi-tasking trying to shoot the video and pictures at the same time.

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The Art of Edit

i shot this this a.m. while katye was getting her hair cut with my flip ultra.

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front-of-house.jpg this is the front..

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mikes-yard.jpgthis is part of the yard.. i agree, a little too much “stuff”

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down-driveway.jpgThis is the view from the driveway.

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25 Sauk Ct.

wideshot-from-drive.jpgWe just walked in the door about an hour ago from our very long road trip.  7+ hours, one way to Springfield, Mo. and back in less than 24 hours.  On our way through, we stopped in Sullivan, Mo.  This is a small town an hour west of St. Louis on 44 where my Grandma lived my entire life.  She has passed away, and her house has changed hands a few times since it was sold, but everytime I have the opportunity to stop by and check on it, I do.  I don’t know what it is about that place, but for some reason it just captivates me.  I love it.  Currently, it is for sale and empty, but the owner wants way too much $ for it.

Her house just seems to be “that special place where everything is as big as the bright, blue sky…” (she sings to Guns n Roses)

Do you have one of those places??  Where or what is it?

My Dad says he loved it too, but that the reasons he loved it so much are gone. He means my Mom, and Grandma and Grandpa.  I get it.  I just feel like if I could buy that house it would take me back to the happy times.  The sad thing is, until this last trip, the community has held up pretty well.  This time though, there were definitely signs of change.  Houses are popping up where only fields filled with deer were before, and some of the houses are in need of repair.  Also, the house has recently been remodeled and they really didn’t do it justice..  Can I ask why you would take windows out of a house that has such great scenery?? I don’t get that ..

Should I give up on this dream?? And it is a dream of mine to own this place.  I always thought that time would be my friend when it came to being able to finance this endeavor, but is time now becoming my enemy?  I am going to post some pictures.  Obviously, if you’ve never been there, you won’t get the full feel of the place, but use you imagination.

Imagine deer coming up to your front porch and eating off of the feeder in your front yard.  The Meramec River running through Meramec State Park in which the neighborhood is nestled ( but not in a flood plain).   So many different kinds of birds constantly at your feeders, and sitting on the porch enjoying the beautiful sunsets in the western sky. 

I am sure that my family thinks I am pretty crazy.  it just really doesn’t matter to me, though… Any suggestions??  I think for now, I will keep an eye on the property and come what may..

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