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Golden in ’77


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  Graduation is getting really close.  Katye got her cap and gown in the mail on Tuesday.  This video is from my new JVC Everio camera.

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Fresh from Pennsylvania

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   I was at Michelle Obama’s rally today at Ben Davis 7th and 8th grade center. she was an impressive speaker.. Better than her husband, definitely gave me something to think about.

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Moving day….

   I just wanted to share these pictures with you because the colors are just popping.  The IRL was moving their cars by Japanese cargo jets for the race at Montegi..  It felt so good to be in the warm sun on a beautiful day.

   Is it weird that the only thing I can really see in this picture is that I clearly, I need a tan??

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Ya know, just when you think you know a thing or two, you find out that you don’t know much about anything.  Well, that is what happened to me today.  While I was shooting the Hillary Clinton event to at Allison, I met a really cool guy who inspired me to go beyond what I ever imagined I would in terms of my job and the way that I do it.  He is with the traveling press, which means he works for one of the networks as staff and is based out of Florida and right now is following Hillary Clinton all over the country. 

When i say don’t know much, I mean about what I thought I could do and wanted to do with my career.  He was highly passionate about it, and I am highy motivated to do it, so I think that makes a good combination.

 I think things are gonna be changing!!

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Today I was down at IU doing an interview with the newest head coach of the men basketball team, Tom Crean.  He seemed nice, he was the head coach at Marquette before.. It was a good day b/c  we left the station at 1:30pm the interviews (all the affliates were there and had 8 minutes with Coach) didn’t start until just before 4pm.  So, after our 8 minutes was over we headed back and got to Indy around 5:30 ish, next thing you know, it was time to go home.. You gotta love that.

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Tonight i went to shoot Indy race car driver Sarah Fisher serving up drinks for charity.  For every drink she  served b/t 5-8 pm at the Ruth’s Chris steakhouse at 96th and Keystone, 2 bucks went to Riley’s Children’s Hospital. 

That is another cool thing about the 500 being here in Indy, the drivers and teams really do a lot of great stuff for the community.  I am sure I will be attending many more of the events.. So, stayed tuned for the Month of May.

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Sorry if some of my posts are messed up, i am still trying to get used to this new system…I actualy like it, i just need to adjust.

Ok, so… i helped my neighbor, Daria (Holla!!) put in a new tile floor in her pretty small kitchen this weekend.. Well, I had  to take a picture of what i looked like after i took a shower!!

I told her that she better get ready to help me finish dry walling the ceiling in my breezeway in a couple of weeks!!

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