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post-op #3

  I still cannot put weight on my foot, so I’m still on crutches, but in a boot instead of a cast…


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This is video of my sister and George putting Fraidy in their own cat carrier after he came back from the vet so that they could take him home. 

So, what is so funny about this video is that early in the morning, my friend Daria and I were trying to get Fraidy in the box to take him TO the vet.  Well, it took us a good 10 minutes to put him in the cat carrier b/c he kept grabbing onto the bars with his feet and his front paws. And I, on crutches was trying to hold the box still with a crutch while Daria tried to stuff him in.  He wasn’t having it. Finally, we were able to get him in and go.

In this video it literally takes my sister 20 seconds, and no fighting…and off they went.

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