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These are the latest blooming flowers in my never ending perrenial garden…  Not too bad for only the second year..  I don’t know what they are except for the shasta daisies and the orange daylillies.








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 Katye spotted these 2 Red headed Woodpeckers doing their thing on the light pole behind the house on Friday while it was raining.  They were huge.  One kept creeping around the back side of the pole so it was hard to get both of them together.

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Father’s Day

My dad is my hero. Now, he probably wouldn’t even think I feel this way enlight of some pretty bad behavior towards him when I was a teenager, but it is true. He and my mom are both of my heroes.

Here is a picture of them in August of 1960, they were married in on August 25th, 1960. They were 18 and 19. Married for 38 years, until the untimely death of my mom, who had been chronically ill for several years. She was 55.

Anyway, my dad grew up with just his grand father who was, as my dad would say, right off the boat from italy. He was a little Italian guy, named Joseph Polacci who had quite the temper according to my dad. As my dad tells it he would skip school all of the time, and was in trouble as a teenager. He met my mom, they fell in love and eloped in Greenville, S.C.. I think my dad said he left his grandpa a note in the oatmeal jar informing him. I guess his grandfather ate oatmeal every morning for breakfast.

As my mom told it, once they got married, my dad really wasn’t working or doing anything too seriously, and she said that he still expected her to do all of the ironing and even to iron, I believe she said, his t-shirts. Well, my mom exploded and, as I remember the story, she said for him to leave and not come back unless he had a job.

Well, a short time later, I can’t remember how long she said, he came back and he had 2 jobs. One was working at a steel mill in Joliet, IL where they lived. That story has always left an impression on me. So much so, that the summer after my senior year in high school, I got a job as a manager at a pool in the small town next to where we lived and got fired from it ( I won’t go into why) Before I came home and had to tell my parents that I had been in front of the city board and been fired, I went and applied everywhere I could think of and was hired at the pool in Lincoln, where I had once worked before, and I had also gotten a job back at the KFC where I had worked all through high school and as it would turn out , most of college.

As time went on, my dad got a job at Stateville, which is a maximum security prison. It has been used in several movies including Bad Boys with Sean Penn. My dad started there in the mid 60’s and was there when John Wayne Gacey was there and Richard Speck. I believe in the mid 70’s there were several riots happening in the Illinois prison system , and Stateville was no exception. My dad was attacked by several prisoners who thought he was someone else, and stabbed several times, including just centimeters from his heart. At this point, I think I was probably only 2 or 3 years old and my sister was 5 or 6. I don’t remember any of it, all I remember is years later seeing the article about it on the front page of the some newspaper. Included in the article is a picture of my dad in the hospital bed, my mom next to him and me and my sister. All of us posing with smiles for the picture. But the sad part is that if my dad had been killed, he would have left 2 small children and a wife behind and that picture would have been totally different.

Well, against my mom’s better judgement he went back to work there. He told my mom that he wanted to be a career officer. Soon after though, I remember getting in the car and driving all over central and southern Illinois waiting in the car while my dad went in to interview at different prisons.

Finally we landed in Lincoln, IL where my sister and I would go on to graduate from high school and my dad would retire as a Captain. We still have the family home even though my dad lives in Colorado, now. My dad continued to work in the prison system for 30 years total before he retired early at age 55. He retired to take care of my mom who was becoming more ill as time went on.  She died less than a month later.

All along the way, my dad has taught me lessons that continue to serve me well.  Like paying people back in a timely manner if you barrow money or they provide you a service. I am a real stickler for that. Like a great work ethic. For god sake, he worked at a prison for 30 years just to put food on the table and give us the things we needed, and wanted. Everytime he got his paycheck he just turned it over to my mom and she took care of the rest. A real provider in every sense of the word. My mom always said that if my dad ever endorsed the back of one of his own pay checks, the bank would probably question it. I always think of him when I feel like my own job is too much to take.

One of the coolest things my dad did for my sister and I was for my 10th birthday. Somehow, I was a huge Daryl Hall and John Oates fan.  So My parent got us ticket to one of their concerts.  It was the H2O tour in June of 1983 and of course my dad went with us.. Well, it turned out that our tickets were in the mezzanine and behind a huge pole. We couldn’t see a thing.  So, my dad, my real hero, walked us both down to the main floor and talked to some usher and we got all the way up to the front .. I mean right at the stage. I think my sister may have even gotten a guitar pick thrown her way or touched Daryl Hall. What a thrill for us.  My poor dad, I know his ears must have been killing him because we were right next to one of those huge speakers that they used put on each edge of the front of the stage. He stayed right there with us the entire time. I remember as we were leaving, all of us talking about our ears ringing.

What a great time. I can only imagine what it was like for him to watch his two daughters having the time of their lives.

In this picture, I am wearing my roller skater dress that my mom made for me.. It has a girl roller skating all over it. It was, I must admit, my favorite dress, and the only dress I would gladly wear. My mom was probably just happy that I was wearing a dress.

I feel very fortunate to have my dad still and we talk on a regular basis, and every Thanksgiving I go and see him for a few days.. I am thankful for everything he has instilled in me and, even when we are both no longer here, I will always be his daughter, and I’m thankful for that.

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I first worked with Robing Roberts from Good Morning America, I think, 2 summers ago when she was pimping her book at an Indiana Fever game.  I was suppose to go down and do what we call a talk back with her.  That is when I give her an earpiece so that she can hear programming and answer questions straight into the camera from the anchors back at the station.. Basically, my job is easy i just connect to the cables and point my camera.  Well, we did it and it was fine and she was nice enough, but her book intrigued me.  I went online and reserved my copy of ‘From the Heart: Seven Rules to Live by’ from the library. 

The book explains alot about her life and her “path”, as I like to call what each of us are on in this life.  Anyway, I took some stuff from the book and moved on.  When I heard later that year, i think it was, that she was battling breast cancer, I felt sad.  I never really figured out why, but I did. 

Fast forward to this past weekend when she spoke at the ‘Hope on the Horizon’ breakfast put on by Community Hospitals.  6 News morning and midday anchor, Grace Trahan, was the MC.  Before introducing Robin, Grace talked about Robin’s path that led her to her current position on GMA, and also about how she was touched when she learned of Robin’s battle.  She said that, even though she figured Robin would get tons of mail,  the entire 6 News morning team sent Robin a card filled with their best wishes, and, this past Saturday, when the two met in the minutes before the ‘Hope on the Horizon’ program began, that Robin thanked Grace and the rest of the crew for the card.   Again, that really touched me.  again, i don’t know why.

Robin got up and with no notes, spoke from the heart about her journey, and how early detection saved her life.  She said when Joel Seigal was diagnosed with cancer, he said if he had had a colonoscopy at the age of 50 instead of 53, he’d have been way better off.  She also said that her cancer was more aggressive than anyone thought initially.  But, of everything she said, and through all of the answers that she gave when she opened the floor for questions, the one thing she said that I will carry with me, is that now she has an 8th rule to live by.. Early detection.

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sue.jpg  The Colts lost.. GO CUBS!!

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