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  Yes, that is Helio Castroneves.  He is our Track side analyst for the month of May..   That is me in the corner doing all of the work..Shooting…

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Fresh from Pennsylvania

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   I was at Michelle Obama’s rally today at Ben Davis 7th and 8th grade center. she was an impressive speaker.. Better than her husband, definitely gave me something to think about.

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Moving day….

   I just wanted to share these pictures with you because the colors are just popping.  The IRL was moving their cars by Japanese cargo jets for the race at Montegi..  It felt so good to be in the warm sun on a beautiful day.

   Is it weird that the only thing I can really see in this picture is that I clearly, I need a tan??

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Today I was down at IU doing an interview with the newest head coach of the men basketball team, Tom Crean.  He seemed nice, he was the head coach at Marquette before.. It was a good day b/c  we left the station at 1:30pm the interviews (all the affliates were there and had 8 minutes with Coach) didn’t start until just before 4pm.  So, after our 8 minutes was over we headed back and got to Indy around 5:30 ish, next thing you know, it was time to go home.. You gotta love that.

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Tonight i went to shoot Indy race car driver Sarah Fisher serving up drinks for charity.  For every drink she  served b/t 5-8 pm at the Ruth’s Chris steakhouse at 96th and Keystone, 2 bucks went to Riley’s Children’s Hospital. 

That is another cool thing about the 500 being here in Indy, the drivers and teams really do a lot of great stuff for the community.  I am sure I will be attending many more of the events.. So, stayed tuned for the Month of May.

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dsc02821.jpg  Hillary Clinton was in town on Saturday to, basically, show a presence here and to impress the super delegates in the state of Indiana.. I enjoyed her talk because she actually explained many things that I wasn’t sure about.. like why the fact that the United States being in debt to just about every country including China and Mexico affects more than just our economy, but also the security of the world.  She explained that in 1996, China was becoming very aggressive with Taiwan, so Bill Clinton called in the 6th fleet to flex some muscle.  China backed off and things went back to the status quote.  Well, now, if China wanted to do that, we really wouldn’t have leg to stand on because we owe China so much money, that they’d just threaten to stop buying our debt. 
Anyway, she also talked about how student loans should go back to being federal instead of private companies like Sallie Mae. I don’t know about you, but the highest interest rate I ever had on my Federal student loans was 8% the lowest was like 2%.  Yesterday she took a show of hands asking the highest rate people were paying, and 1 person was paying 22%.  Clinton said in Muncie, the night before, they went as high as 29%.  She said it is a controversial topic, but one that needs to be dealt with. 
Of course she talked about the standards health care and NAFTA, but what I liked about the town hall meeting was that she EXPLAINED how she would do many of the things that others have just said they would do.. she gave details, which is what I have been asking for all along.  For a while I have been torn between the 2 Democratic candidates, but after being able to hear them both in person, I feel like I have my candidate.  Although, I know there are issues with what appears to be infighting within the Democratic party, isn’t having a choice what America is all about?  Isn’t a spirited debate in the name of moving an entire people forward what this country was built on in the first place? Though I know that people are skeptical that, if nominated, Hillary Clinton can beat John McCain, wasn’t there a story in this book called the Bible about a guy named David and another named Goliath??  Not that I think in anyway that Hillary is like David, but it’s more about defying the odds.  And Clinton made sure that anyone at the rally yesterday knew she wasn’t a quitter. 
After her town hall meeting, we were allowed  4 minutes in which to ask her, one on one, questions.  She was very gracious with her time, and before the reporter I was with finished her questions, I got out my camera in hopes that the opportunity would present itself to get a picture with the Senator.  So, I am holding my camera in my left hand to possibly get a picture, while finishing shooting the interview with my work video camera in my right hand, and as the interview was wrapping up the “people” were ready to whisk her off to the next interview and I feared the chance would not appear, and right as i thought it wasn’t going to happen, Senator Clinton stopped and said “Do they want a picture?” I was floored, but was able to say “Yes.. please”.  So, this is that picture.. It was totally great..She was so kind… Cheryl, the reporter I was with, said that it probably wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t had my camera out looking so pathetic?? ( I added the pathetic, but I must have been). 
Spending that 4 minutes with her was an eye opener for me.. I urge everyone to find their “4 minutes”  whatever way they can to get to know all of the candidates and what they really stand for.  In the end, it is our freedom to educate ourselves and to choose that makes this country so great.

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The End

dsc02744.jpgToday, was my friend, Ray’s, last day at work..  I will miss him, and his sweet, sweet gumballs.. haha!!

Thanks for a great 8 years, man! Good luck!!

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